Garage Additions

If you’re tired of getting drenched, wind-blown, hot, or cold as you go to your car, then it's time to add a garage. A garage not only protects your car and boat, minimizes your exposure to the weather, but also provides more space for storage, a workshop, etc.

Garage AdditionWhen planning a garage addition, you’ll need to consider size, the site, access to the garage and how it will match the architecture of your house. Local zoning restrictions and permitting requirements should be checked to see if your garage addition plans meet local requirements.

Choosing an Attached or Detached Garage

Deciding whether to attach the garage to your house or build it as a separate structure should be planned. An attached garage usually costs less and is more convenient as it's fewer steps from your home and you stay indoors, keeping you dry and comfortable. Also you'll probably feel more secure when using a power garage door opener to enter the garage and closing the door as soon as you're inside the garage.

However, a detached garage also offers advantages. Consider adding a breezeway from your house to the garage as a shelter against the weather. And if your garage has a workshop, dust and fumes won't make their way into your house.

Our Garage Additions include:

   • The design and layout of the garage.
   • Building walls, roof, and installing flooring.
   • Pouring concrete floors.
   • Installation of windows and doors, including garage doors.
   • Building storage and workshop areas.

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